List of actions in case of non-compliance

18 March 2024

ID 216913

You can define these policy settings only for Android devices.

If the user does not fix a non-compliance issue within the specified time, the following actions are available:

  • Block all apps except system apps.

    All apps on the user's mobile device, except system apps, are blocked from starting.

  • Lock device.

    Mobile device is locked. To obtain access to data, you must unlock the device. If the reason for locking the device is not rectified after the device is unlocked, the device will be locked again after the specified time period.

  • Wipe corporate data.

    Wipe containerized data, corporate email account, settings for connecting to the corporate Wi-Fi network and VPN, and Access Point Name (APN).

  • Fully reset device to factory settings.

    All data is deleted from the mobile device and the settings are rolled back to their factory values.

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