App categories

18 March 2024

ID 111293

App Control supports categorization of apps. The operation mode configured for the app category is applied to all apps in this category. The category of each app is determined by the Kaspersky Security Network cloud service.

App categories




Apps for interactive entertainment.

IM Clients, Mobile Messaging Apps

Apps for instant messaging, voice and video communication over IP.

Social networks

Apps for using social networks and blogs.

Business software

Apps for tax calculation, management of banking operations, handling spreadsheets, accounting, and other business-oriented apps. Text editors.

Home, Family, Hobbies, Health

Apps with recipes, style tips. Apps for exercising, keeping a schedule of workouts, receiving tips on dieting, healthy nutrition, safety, and accident prevention.


Apps containing catalogs of symptoms and medications, apps for healthcare professionals, healthcare magazines and news.


Services for movie subscription, media players and video players. Musical services, players, radio broadcasts.

Graphic design software

Apps for use with a camera, graphics editors, apps for managing and publishing photos.

Plug-ins for reading news and RSS feeds

Apps for reading newspapers, magazines, blogs, news aggregators.


Apps displaying the weather forecast.

Education apps

Book readers, manuals, textbooks, dictionaries, thesauruses, encyclopedias. Apps helping to study for exams, training materials, dictionaries, developmental games, language study tools.

Online shopping

Apps for making online purchases and bidding in auctions, gift coupons, price comparison tools, shopping list apps, apps for reading feedback about products.

Startup utilities

Apps aimed at redesigning the desktop, widgets, shortcuts.

Operating systems and utilities

System apps that provide the operating system management, user interaction, and RAM management.

Map viewers

City guides, information about local businesses, trip planning tools.

Other apps

Software libraries, technical demo versions of apps. Apps not included in any category.


Apps for using public transport, navigation tools, apps for drivers.


Arcades, Sweepstakes, Racing, Other, Casino, Card Games, Music, Board Games, Tutorials, Puzzles, Adventures, RPG, Simulators, Word Games, Sports Games, Strategies, Action.


Apps for viewing websites, the contents of web documents and files. Apps for managing web applications.

Development tools

Apps intended for developing software. Debuggers, compilers, code editors, graphic user interface editors.

OS Apps

Apps delivered together with the operating system and required for the proper functioning of the operating system.

Internet apps

Download managers, mail clients, web search apps, and other apps for convenient internet browsing.

Network infrastructure software

Apps for managing servers, data storage devices, network equipment, software within a corporate network, automation and integration of the complete infrastructure.

Networking software

Apps for organizing collaboration of a group of users on multiple devices, communication among devices.

System utilities

Apps supplied concurrently with the operating system: file managers, archiving tools, utilities for hardware and software diagnostics, memory optimization tools, uninstallers, processor management utilities.

Security software

Device data protection apps. Apps that detect and neutralize threats on the device. Firewalls. Data encryption apps.

Download managers

Apps for downloading files from external sources.

Apps for storing files on the internet

Apps for managing online storage of files, notes, and multimedia.

Reference systems

Book readers, manuals, textbooks, dictionaries, thesauruses, wiki-encyclopedias.

Email applications

Apps used for sending and receiving email messages.

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