Main program components

21 August 2023

ID 60904

Kaspersky Security 8 for Linux Mail Server includes the following components:

  • Filter—Receives and forwards email messages to/from the program's mail server. Kaspersky Security 8 for Linux Mail Server includes several filters that are applied depending on the mail server and its type of integration with Kaspersky Security 8 for Linux Mail Server:
    • Milter
    • Smtp-proxy
    • Dlfunc
    • Qmail-queue binary
  • Klms watchdog – the main component for processing email messages. It consists of the following modules:
    • Scan Logic is a module that controls message scanning (hereinafter also "Scan Logic module"). It includes a MIME parser and content filter.
    • AV-engine—Scans messages for viruses (hereinafter "the Anti-Virus engine").
    • AS-engine—Scans messages for spam (hereinafter "the Anti-Spam engine").
    • AP-engine—Scans messages for phishing threats (hereinafter "the Anti-Phishing engine").
    • Updater – updates Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, and Anti-Phishing databases.
    • Backup allows messages to be restored to their original form.
    • Auth – interfaces with user registration systems.
    • Statistics – statistics module that gathers statistical information on program operation.
    • Settings-manager – stores task and rule settings for processing messages in the database; exports and imports these settings and notifies other modules of any changes.
    • Facade – allows the program to interface with utilities and administration systems.
    • Licenser – manages keys.
    • Notifier – generates messages with notifications of importance to the administrator.
    • Event_manager – delivers notifications about events to other program modules.
    • Smtp_sender – sends notifications.
    • Task manager – controls the start/stop sequence of other modules.
  • Klms-postgres – a database storing program settings, statistics for reports, and metadata of objects in Backup. Metadata of objects in Backup can be stored in an external database (outside the application).
  • Klms-control is a program management utility that you can use to set the values of program settings (such as the settings of tasks and message processing rules), view program operation statistics, manage Backup, and run tasks.

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