Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11 for Mac

Application settings window

23 May 2023

ID 58163

Open the application settings window

Application settings can be accessed quickly using the following tabs in the upper part of the settings window:

  • Essential. On this tab, you can enable or disable computer protection and configure File Threat Protection, Web Threat Protection, and Network Threat Protection settings.
  • Scan. On this tab, you can configure the settings of scan tasks and scheduled startup of scan tasks.
  • Threats. On this tab, you can select the categories of objects to be detected, create Trusted Zone, and configure Backup settings.
  • Advanced. On this tab, you can join or opt out of participating in Kaspersky Security Network.
  • Update. On this tab, you can configure application update settings or roll back to the previous version of application databases.
  • Interface. On this tab, you can configure settings for the Kaspersky Endpoint Security icon, notifications, and reports, and enable or disable the logging of debugging information in a trace file.

Using the button, you can block users without administrator rights from editing the Kaspersky Endpoint Security settings. This button is in the lower part of the application settings window. To edit the settings, you must enter the administrator's credentials.

Clicking the button opens the Kaspersky Endpoint Security help, which describes all the settings in the current application window. You can also open the help topic for the active application window by selecting Open Help for This Window in the Help menu.

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