Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11 for Mac

Manage licenses and subscriptions

23 May 2023

ID 159120

You have to renew the license if the license associated with the active key has expired and no reserve key has been added. When the license expires, the application continues to operate with limited functionality (updates, Kaspersky Security Network, Web Control, and FileVault Disk Encryption via Kaspersky Security Center become unavailable). You can still use all application components and run malware scans, but only with the anti-malware databases that were installed before the license expired.

Important: When your anti-malware databases are out of date, your computer is at increased risk of infection.

Renew a license

When you use the application under subscription, Kaspersky Endpoint Security automatically contacts the activation server at specific intervals until your subscription expires.

If you use the application under an unlimited subscription, Kaspersky Endpoint Security renews your subscription without requiring any action from you.

If you use the application under a limited subscription and the grace period for renewing the subscription is over, Kaspersky Endpoint Security notifies you of this and stops trying to automatically renew the subscription and updating the application databases.

You can renew your subscription manually by contacting the vendor that sold you Kaspersky Endpoint Security.

Renew your subscription

Your subscription status may become out of date. In this case, you need to manually update the status of your subscription. If you do not have a current subscription, Kaspersky Endpoint Security stops updating the application databases (if you have subscription to updates) or stops protecting the computer (if you have a subscription to updates and protection).

Update subscription status

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