Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11 for Mac

Kaspersky Endpoint Security overview

23 May 2023

ID 96495

The Kaspersky Endpoint Security application protects computers running macOS against malware and other computer security threats.

File Threat Protection

File Threat Protection safeguards the computer's file system in real time by intercepting and analyzing any attempts to access files. Learn more.

Web Threat Protection

Web Threat Protection secures information sent and received by the computer over the HTTP and HTTPS protocols in Safari, Google Chrome™, and Firefox™. Learn more.

Network Threat Protection

Network Threat Protection prevents intrusions into the operating system. This component protects against cyberattackers (who use port scanning and brute-force attacks) and the malware they install (including malware that tries to send personal data to criminals). Learn more.


The Kaspersky Endpoint Security application detects and neutralizes malware and other computer security threats on demand in the specified scan scope. Kaspersky Endpoint Security can run a full scan of the computer, a quick scan of critical areas, and a scan of the specified scope. Learn more.


Kaspersky Endpoint Security updates application databases and modules from Kaspersky update servers, distribution points, or other sources specified by your system administrator and creates backup copies of all updated files to allow a rollback of the last update. Learn more.


Kaspersky Endpoint Security creates a backup copy of infected files prior to any attempt to disinfect or delete them, making it possible for you to restore them. Learn more.


Kaspersky Endpoint Security generates reports about events and actions involving application components. Learn more.


Kaspersky Endpoint Security uses notifications to inform you about certain events in the operation of Kaspersky Endpoint Security. Notifications can be accompanied by sound. Learn more.

Protection Center

Kaspersky Endpoint Security displays protection status messages in Protection Center. Protection Center shows information on the status of computer protection and how to eliminate computer security problems and threats. Learn more.

Remote management of the application via Kaspersky Security Center

You can remotely manage protection of computers with Kaspersky Endpoint Security installed: receive information on the current computer protection status, remotely fix issues, respond to computer security threats, enable or disable protection components (File Threat Protection, Web Threat Protection, Network Threat Protection), enable or disable Web Control and Managed Detection and Response, run scan tasks, update application databases, run startup disk encryption, and manage Kaspersky Endpoint Security licenses and subscriptions. You can use the following tools to manage Kaspersky Endpoint Security:

  • Kaspersky Security Center Administration Console. Learn more.
  • Kaspersky Security Center Web Console and Cloud Console. Learn more.

Note: The functionality supported by Kaspersky Endpoint Security depends on which management tool you use.

FileVault Disk Encryption

Kaspersky Endpoint Security allows FileVault encryption to be managed remotely. Encryption prevents unauthorized users from accessing sensitive data stored on the startup disk of the user's computer.

Note: The FileVault Disk Encryption feature is available in Kaspersky Security Center 10 SP3 or later. For more information, contact Kaspersky Technical Support.

Web Control

You can remotely manage access to websites that users visit. You can allow or block access to specific web addresses or groups of web addresses. Also you can allow or block access to certain categories of websites based on their content.

Managed Detection and Response

The Managed Detection and Response component facilitates interaction with Kaspersky Managed Detection and Response service that continuously detects and eliminates security threats aimed at your organization. Learn more.

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