Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11 for Mac

Create and manage policies

23 May 2023

ID 127751

This section contains information on how to create and configure policies for Kaspersky Endpoint Security.

A policy determines an application's settings and manages the ability to configure that application on computers within an administration group. An individual policy must be created for each application. You can create multiple policies for applications installed on computers in each administration group, but only one policy can be applied at a time to each application within an administration group.

Note: When creating and configuring a policy, you can allow or prohibit changes to any group of settings in policies using the and buttons.

You can perform the following actions on custom policies:

  • Create policies.
  • Configure policies.
  • Copy or move policies from one group to another.
  • Delete policies.
  • Change the status of policies.
  • Export policies to a file.
  • Import policies from a file.

For detailed information about the Kaspersky Security Center policies, see the Kaspersky Security Center help.

In this section

Create a policy

View the list of policies

Configure policy settings

Change the policy status

Export a policy to a KLP file

Import a policy from a KLP file

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