Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11 for Mac

Install Network Agent using Apple Remote Desktop

23 May 2023

ID 204537

  1. On a remote computer, choose Apple menu > System Settings > General > Sharing.
  2. Select the Remote Management checkbox.
  3. On another Mac that you want to be a server, install Apple Remote Desktop. For more information on Apple Remote Desktop, refer to Apple Support.
  4. Open Apple Remote Desktop.
  5. In the Remote Desktop window, click Scanner on the left and select the devices on which you want to install Network Agent.
  6. Click Copy.
  7. Click and select the Network Agent installation files: the .dmg file, the .kud file, and the .sh file.
  8. In the Place items in pop-up menu, choose Top folder of the disk.
  9. Click Copy.
  10. After the files are successfully copied, click Unix.
  11. Enter the following command:

    cd /;

    ./install.sh --accept_eula -r <Administration Server address>

    where <Administration Server address> is DNS name or IP address of the Kaspersky Security Center Administration Server.

    Note: By entering this command, you accept the End User License Agreement.

  12. Choose to run the command as User and type "root" into the field.
  13. Click Send.

Installation of Network Agent starts on the selected devices.

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