Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11 for Mac

Install Network Agent using Kaspersky Security Center

23 May 2023

ID 159648

Kaspersky Security Center installs Network Agent on a client computer using an SSH connection.

Before installing Network Agent on a client computer, make sure that the following conditions are met:

  • Kaspersky Security Center Administration Server is deployed on the corporate network.
  • Administration Console is installed on the Kaspersky Security Center administrator's workstation.
  • Remote Login is enabled on remote computers.
  • A dedicated administrator account that will be used to run the remote installation task is created on a remote computer. You can use a domain account for the installation.
  • The sudo password is disabled for the dedicated account.

Create a Network Agent installation package

Create a task for remote installation of Network Agent on a client computer

To proceed to the next step of the wizard, click Next. To return to the previous step of the wizard, click . To exit the wizard at any step, click Cancel.

Note: The appearance of the buttons may vary depending on your version of Windows.

Step 1. Select the task type

Step 2. Select the installation package

Step 3. Configure the installation settings

Step 4. Select an administration group to add computers to after installation

Step 5. Define how to select the client computers for which the task will be created

Step 6. Select client computers

Step 7. Select the account to run the task

Step 8. Configure the task schedule

Step 9. Specify the task name

Step 10. Finish creating the task

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