How to configure the update search mode

3 October 2023

ID 152134

To configure the update search mode for installed applications:

  1. Open the main application window.
  2. Click Settings button in the lower part of the main window.

    This opens the Settings window.

  3. Select the Performance settings section.
  4. Click the App Updater button.

    This opens the App Updater settings window.

  5. In the Update block, select the Enable search for application updates check box.
  6. Click the Set up updates search mode link to open the Updates search mode window.
  7. In the Search for updates drop-down list, select one of the following options:
    • Automatically. If you select this option, Kaspersky application will run a search for application updates at least once every 24 hours according to the internal settings of the application.
    • Daily / Weekly / Monthly. If you select one of these options, Kaspersky application will search for updates based on your defined schedule up to the exact minute. When one of these options is selected, the Postpone running after application startup for N minutes list is available.
  8. Select the Search for updates on the next day if computer is turned off check box to start a search when the computer is turned on after a scheduled search was missed. If the check box is not selected, the application will start the search for updates only at the scheduled time while the computer is turned on.
  9. To save the settings, click the Save button.

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