What's new in the latest version of the application

3 October 2023

ID 119653

The latest version of the application introduces the following new features and improvements:

  • You can now search the functionality of the application.
  • Improved Smart Home Monitor. The user's main router can now be monitored for open ports that are most often targeted by intruders.
  • Improved Wi-Fi Analyzer. The user interface now displays tips on reading the graph that illustrates the current state of your Wi-Fi network.
  • The user's rights are now checked before displaying the list of files available for deletion.
  • In the Large Files section, a new warning is displayed when deleting large files that may contain important information.
  • Reports of the Network Attack Blocker component now include MAC addresses of devices in addition to their IP addresses.
  • Terminology in license notifications is now compliant with the requirements of Nexway.
  • Kaspersky application now complies with regulations governing the collection and processing of personal data in Vietnam.
  • Now you can resize the security news window. This functionality is not always available.
  • Problems with resizing the main window of the application have been resolved. The application now remembers the size of the screen in case of a restart.
  • Kaspersky Free lets you see the functionality of paid versions for awareness purposes. To use this functionality, you must switch to Kaspersky Standard or Kaspersky Plus.
  • Now you can switch from the current tier to a higher-tier Kaspersky package. The additional payment for the transition will be calculated taking into account the remaining validity period of the current license. It is a limited-time offer for evaluation purposes. This functionality is not always available.
  • Improved text of the notification that suggests installing Kaspersky Password Manager. The installation status of the application is also displayed.
  • The main window of Kaspersky Free displays a suggestion to switch to a paid version of Kaspersky.

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