Identity Protection Wallet

3 October 2023

ID 232503

If you keep important documents on your computer, for example, scans of photo ID documents, government documents, contracts, and so on, we recommend adding such documents to the secure wallet. Identity Protection Wallet is an encrypted file that requires entering a main password for access. This guarantees the security of your personal data by preventing third-party access to the documents.

About the main password

The main password is a single password that Kaspersky application uses to encrypt your data in the wallet. We recommend using a main password that includes eight or more characters and contains upper and lower case letters as well as numerals and special characters.

For security reasons, Kaspersky application does not store the main password on your devices and does not send it to the cloud storage. We recommend memorizing the main password or writing it down and keeping it in a secure location because there is no way of recovering a forgotten password.

About encryption

Kaspersky application encrypts data using a symmetric encryption algorithm based on the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) standard. The key is computed from your main password based on the Password-Based Key Derivation Function 2 (PBKDF2). The AES algorithm is widely used around the world for protecting secret data. This algorithm has minimal RAM requirements, so your data can be encrypted and decrypted in a matter of seconds.

How to add a document to the wallet

How to extract a document from the wallet

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