How to update the application

3 October 2023

ID 71677

The application is updated automatically if you select the Automatically update mode in the update settings window (SecurityAnti-Virus Database UpdateDatabases update schedule).

The application is automatically updated if you install a new version of the application over the previous one. When you update paid versions of Kaspersky, all your settings are preserved.

If the user has paused scanning tasks at the moment when the update arrives, the application will force these tasks to stop and will run the update. Active scanning tasks are not forced to stop.

While downloading the update, the application compares the previous and new versions of the End User License Agreement, Kaspersky Security Network Statement, and Statement regarding data processing for marketing purposes. If the texts of agreements and/or statements are not identical, the application prompts you to read and accept them again.

Limitations on upgrades from a previous version of Kaspersky Free

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