Applications blocked on Android

18 January 2023

ID 206323

Some of the applications on a child's Android device are blocked automatically. We try not to give the child the opportunity to cheat and bypass parental controls.

These are the apps and browsers that Kaspersky Safe Kids blocks by default:

  • Settings (
  • Greenify (com.oasisfeng.greenify)
  • Google Assistant - Get things done, hands-free (
  • Assistant for Android (com.advancedprocessmanager)
  • SD Maid - System Cleaning Tool (eu.thedarken.sdm)
  • App Manager (
  • App Ops - Permission manager (rikka.appops)
  • App Ops [Root] (droidmate.appopsinstaller)
  • Link2SD (com.buak.Link2SD)
  • XPrivacyLua (eu.faircode.xlua)
  • XPrivacy (biz.bokhorst.xprivacy)
  • System app remover (root needed) (com.jumobile.manager.systemapp)
  • system app remover pro (
  • All-In-One Toolbox: Cleaner, Speed& Widget (imoblife.toolbox.full)
  • All apps permissions settings (bg.androidapps.appopsrunner)
  • Smart Quick Settings (com.smartwho.SmartQuickSettings)
  • Settings App (
  • Hidden Settings Pro (com.erron.hiddensettingspro)
  • Secure Settings (com.intangibleobject.securesettings.plugin)
  • Hidden Settings for MIUI (com.ceyhan.sets)
  • MIUI Secret Settings (com.blackcurrantstudioz.MIUISecretSettings)
  • Tasker (
  • KillApps: Close all apps running (com.tafayor.killall)
  • Power Clean (com.lionmobi.powerclean)
  • Ghost Commander File Manager (com.ghostsq.commander)
  • Simple System Monitor (
  • Taskmanager (de.hp.taskmanager)
  • Smart Manager (
  • Smart Manager (
  • Deep Cleaner (com.uoplongan.deepcleaner)
  • UC Browser (com.UCmobile.intl)
  • Yandex Browser with Protect, Yandex (,
  • Firefox Browser: fast, private & safe web browser (org.mozilla.firefox)
  • Opera browser with free VPN (com.opera.browser)
  • Opera mini (

The apps above may have different names in different online stores. Their names may change over time.

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