Manage Kaspersky Safe Kids on My Kaspersky

18 January 2023

ID 152227

All Kaspersky Safe Kids settings are managed in the Kids section on the My Kaspersky website. After you change Kaspersky Safe Kids settings, they are synced between the My Kaspersky website and the installations of Kaspersky Safe Kids on your children's devices.

You can review and adjust the following settings on My Kaspersky:

  • Add, edit, or delete children's details.
  • Restrict access to specific websites and applications.
  • Block access to all websites or set up an allowlist of websites.
  • Limit device use time.
  • Limit application use time.
  • Select a safe area for your child on a map.
  • Respond to your child's requests.

You can also monitor your child's activity:

  • Locate your child's mobile devices.
  • Check your child's social networks posts.
  • View daily reports about your child's activity.

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