Configure the app for your child

18 January 2023

ID 95003

If you finish configuring the app and later decide to configure Kaspersky Safe Kids for use by a parent, you must uninstall the app and then install the app again.

To configure Kaspersky Safe Kids for use by a child and turn on protection:

  1. Start Kaspersky Safe Kids on your child's mobile device.

    The Kaspersky Safe Kids welcome screen opens.

  2. Review the key features of the app and tap Continue.

    A window with terms and conditions opens.

  3. Review the legal documents.
    • If you agree with the documents, select the corresponding checkboxes. Tap Confirm, if you agree with the documents.
    • If you disagree with the documents, close the app and do not use it.
  4. The device will be connected to My Kaspersky.
  5. Specify that this is a child's device.
  6. Grant advanced permissions to Kaspersky Safe Kids.
  7. Follow the instructions on the screen to allow Kaspersky Safe Kids access the accessibility and system features. Allow Kaspersky Safe Kids to display screens over other apps.

    These permissions may be requested at different steps of the configuration depending on the version of your Android operating system.

  8. Connect the device to My Kaspersky:
    • If you already have a My Kaspersky account:
      1. Enter your credentials.
      2. Tap Sign In.
    • If you do not have a My Kaspersky account:
      1. Tap Create an account.
      2. Complete the registration process.

        A message with an account activation link is sent to the email address you specified. Tap the link to confirm your registration.

      You can also create an account on My Kaspersky website.

  9. You can choose an already created child's profile or specify the details about a new child.

    You can also add your child's details on My Kaspersky.

  10. Tap Okay.
  11. If you are configuring Kaspersky Safe Kids on a HUAWEI or XIAOMI device, turn on automatic restart of Kaspersky Safe Kids after the device is turned on.

    How to configure automatic restart on HUAWEI devices

    How to configure automatic restart on XIAOMI devices

Kaspersky Safe Kids is configured. You can give the device to your child.

Android operating system functionality makes it possible to hide Kaspersky Safe Kids notifications on your child's device using operating system settings.

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