Kaspersky Safe Kids for Android

About alerts on your child's activity

19 September 2023

ID 210918

Kaspersky Safe Kids lets you receive alerts about your child's activity in real time. For example, you can receive alerts about the following events:

  • Attempt to visit a forbidden website.
  • Attempt to open a forbidden application.
  • The child has left the allowed area.
  • Battery level of your child's device is less than 15%.
  • Attempt to uninstall Kaspersky Safe Kids.

If your child is using an Android device, you can receive notifications when he or she turns off important settings. Go to Alert settingsImportant app functions were turned off.

You can select which alerts you receive.

You can view alerts on the My Kaspersky portal, on your mobile device with Kaspersky Safe Kids installed, and in your email.

Alerts on the parent's mobile device and by email are only available in the premium version of Kaspersky Safe Kids. When using the free version, you can only view alerts on My Kaspersky.

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