Kaspersky Safe Kids for Android

Samsung devices

19 September 2023

ID 210805

Some steps may be different, depending on the device model and version of the operating system.

Kaspersky Safe Kids has the following known issues and possible solutions on Samsung devices:

  • Due to firmware functionality on the Samsung Galaxy A9, the app may not autorun after device restart. We recommend that you add Kaspersky Safe Kids to the apps that can autorun or start the app manually after the device is restarted.
  • Kaspersky Safe Kids might not restart after the device is restarted. To fix this, allow autorestart for Kaspersky Safe Kids. For example, use the Smart Manager app: go to Smart ManagerMemory Autostart apps and set the Kaspersky Safe Kids switch to ON.
  • Due to certain firmware features Samsung devices, issues may arise while entering a password using any layouts but the English one. If accessibility permissions are granted for an application, keyboard layout may be unavailable. The issue is confirmed on Samsung Galaxy S4.

    To enter a password in a non-English layout, use one of the following options:

    • Install a third-party keyboard from Google Play and use it to enter the password.
    • Disable Accessibility permissions for applications and try entering the password again. Disabling Accessibility permissions may affect the applications' work.

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