About the subscription

3 October 2023

ID 71345

The subscription determines your application usage settings (subscription expiration date and the number of protected devices).

You can subscribe through a service provider (for example, your Internet provider). You can pause or resume your subscription, renew it automatically, or cancel it. You can manage your subscription in your account on the website of the service provider through which you subscribed. Depending on the service provider, the set of subscription management options may vary.

To activate the subscription on your device, apply the activation code received from your service provider. In some cases, an activation code can be downloaded and applied automatically.

If another license is already active in the application when you get a subscription from a service provider, the application will be used with the subscription from the service provider. Your current license can be used on a different device until it expires.

A subscription can be unlimited (with no expiration date) or limited (for example, to one year). Unlimited subscriptions are renewed automatically as long as timely prepayment has been made to the service provider. To continue using the application after a limited subscription expires, you must take steps to renew it.

When using the application with a subscription that you got through a service provider, you cannot add a reserve activation code to keep the subscription going.

If you did not renew the subscription, or the service provider was unable to renew your subscription automatically, once it expires, you may be granted a grace period to renew the subscription; the functionality of the application remains available during the grace period. The application may switch to limited functionality mode when the grace period expires. If the service provider does not provide a grace period or a limited functionality mode, all functionality of the application stops being available when the subscription expires.

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