Saving data to the application operation report

3 October 2023

ID 144978

Report files can contain personal data obtained as a result of the operation of protection components, such as File Anti-Virus, Mail Anti-Virus, Safe Browsing, Anti-Spam, and Web Policy Management.

Report files can contain the following personal data:

  • IP address of the user's device
  • Online browsing history
  • Blocked links
  • Versions of the browser and operating system
  • Names of cookies and other files and paths to them
  • Email address, sender, message subject, message text, user names, and list of contacts

Report files are stored locally on your computer and are not transmitted to Kaspersky. Path to report files: %allusersprofile%\Kaspersky Lab\AVP21.14\Report\Database.

The maximum number of records that can be displayed in each section of the report file is 10000.

Reports are stored in the following files:

  • reports.db
  • reports.db-wal
  • reports.db-shm (does not contain any personal data)

Report files are protected against unauthorized access if self-defense is enabled in Kaspersky Small Office Security. If self-defense is disabled, report files are not protected.

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