Recovering the operating system after infection

3 October 2023

ID 40951

If you suspect that the operating system of your computer has been corrupted or modified due to malware activity or a system failure, use the Microsoft Windows Troubleshooting Wizard, which clears the system of any traces of malicious objects. Kaspersky recommends that you run the Wizard after the computer has been disinfected to make sure that all threats and damage caused by infections have been fixed.

The Wizard checks whether there are any changes to the system, which can include access to the network being blocked, file name extensions for known formats being changed, Control Panel being blocked, etc. There are different reasons for these different kinds of damage. These reasons may include malware activity, incorrect system configuration, system failures, or malfunctioning applications for system optimization.

After the review is complete, the Wizard analyzes the information to evaluate whether there is system damage that requires immediate attention. Based on the review, the Wizard generates a list of actions that are necessary to eliminate the damage. The Wizard groups these actions by category based on the severity of the problems detected.

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