How to make a screen recording if you face a problem with an application

3 October 2023

ID 241111

If you encounter a problem with the application, you can make a screen recording and traces and send them to Technical Support for analysis.

When screen recording is on, pop-up notifications are not displayed.

To make screen recording and traces:

  1. Open the main application window.
  2. Click Support button in the lower part of the window.

    This opens the Support window.

  3. Click the Problem recording link to open the Problem recording window.
  4. Select an error category:
    • Error with running the app. Select this option if the application suddenly stops working, does not respond, or reports a failure.
    • Error while opening a website. Select this option if the application blocks access to the website or the website is not displayed correctly.
    • Activation error. Select this option if you cannot activate a subscription in the application.
    • Other. Select this option if there is no category for your problem.
  5. Select the Record the screen check box. When the check box Record the screen is not selected, clicking Start recording only creates a trace file (a service file with information about the application operation).
  6. Select the Record low level tracing (optional) checkbox if you were asked to do so by a Technical Support expert.
  7. Click Start recording.

    The recording indicator is displayed in the upper part of the screen.

  8. Perform actions that demonstrate the problem you are having.
  9. Click Stop and save.

    Recording is stopped and saved in an archive on Desktop. The archive can only be accessed with administrator privileges.

  10. Click Go to archive.

    This opens an Explorer window at the location of the ZIP archive. The archive contains the screen recording and a trace file.

  11. Send the archive to the communication channel specified by the Technical Support expert.
  12. If you want to delete all system data, reports, and trace events, click Delete all service data and reports.

Collected data can only be accessed with administrator privileges. If you do not have access, contact your system administrator.

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