About the license administrator

4 April 2023

ID 96075

In general terms, a Kaspersky Small Office Security license administrator is a person who owns the license and administers the security of an office from Management Console. Technically, it is a user first added a valid Kaspersky Small Office Security activation code to their Management Console account to register the license or connected an application activated under the license to their account. The license administrator can use the full functionality of Management console whereas other users of the license are not able to, for example:

  • download the application installation package from the license panel;
  • send the download link by email;
  • send the license to a connected device;
  • invite other users so that they can use the license to protect their devices;
  • view the activation code in the license details.

You may find your license administrator contact information in your mailbox in the email inviting you to protect your devices with Kaspersky Small Office Security solutions.

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