How to change the display language

4 April 2023

ID 179617

When you create your account, you select the region and language that will be associated with your account. This will be your default region and language.

Some of the Management Console features are region-specific. You can view the website in different languages, but the region-specific information may not be displayed in your preferred language. The region-specific information includes: product names, marketing and some other emails, application installation packages downloaded from the account, Help and other linked web resources, some of the website sections that are related to compatible products, and Customer Service. This information might still be displayed in your default language or in English even after you change the website display language.

To change the display language,

In the upper-right part of the page, click the link with a language name and select your preferred language.

If you want to change the region settings, please contact Customer Service.

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