Limitations of Kaspersky Customer Service

25 June 2024

ID 101732

Kaspersky has no obligation to provide Customer Service when and where:

  • Hardware or software is not compliant with the minimum system requirements for the application.
  • An application reaches its end of life.

Types of requests not covered by Standard Service include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • performance improvements and customer device tuning;
  • disinfection of malware infected computers (including remediation of the after-effects of malware infection);
  • malware description requests;
  • on-site support;
  • support outside of working hours;
  • questions related to the functions of third-party applications or operating systems;
  • applying third-party patches to operating systems and applications, applying third-party vulnerability patches;
  • best practices of network security configuration;
  • application training;
  • application deployment walkthroughs;
  • application health checks and tune-ups.

Some of the actions that are out of scope of the standard service may be offered as a separate paid service. The catalog of paid services may vary for specific Kaspersky subsidiaries or local service delivery partners.

Kaspersky Customer Service will assist customers on a "best effort" basis but cannot guarantee successful installation of an application or successful remediation of malware or malfunction in the following scenarios:

  • Malware is present and no anti-virus software is installed.
  • A third-party anti-virus product is installed but did not detect malware/disinfect the malware.
  • Kaspersky applications are installed in a mixed environment along with another anti-virus solution.
  • Incidents caused by hardware.
  • Incidents caused by non-supported platform software versions (i.e., beta software, versions of new service packs or additions not yet approved by Kaspersky for compatibility with the applications).
  • Problems for which the customer cannot provide accurate information that is reasonably requested by the Customer Service team to reproduce, troubleshoot and investigate the problem.
  • Problems that arise because of unapplied or incorrectly applied instructions from the Customer Service team or Kaspersky documentation that would clearly resolve the problem if properly applied.

You can find additional information on Kaspersky Customer Service limitations in Support Rules for Kaspersky Software.

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