4 April 2023

ID 95897

Activating the application

Switching the application to fully functional mode. Application activation is performed by the user during or after installation of the application. You should have an activation code or key file to activate the application.

Active key

A key that is currently used by the application.

Additional license key

A key that certifies the right to use the application but is not currently being used.

Anti-virus databases

Databases that contain information about computer security threats known to Kaspersky as of when the anti-virus databases are released. Entries in anti-virus databases allow malicious code to be detected in scanned objects. Anti-virus databases are created by Kaspersky specialists and updated hourly.

Grace period

A limited period of time, starting from the expiration of the period of effective use, during which the software operates without changing the available functionality.

Kaspersky update servers

A list of Kaspersky's HTTP and FTP servers from which the application downloads database updates to mobile devices.

Key file

A file in xxxxxxxx.key format that makes it possible to use a Kaspersky application under a trial or commercial license. The application generates the key file based on the activation code. You may use the application only when you have a key file.


A time-limited right to use the app, granted under the End User License Agreement.

License key

A unique alphanumeric sequence. A license key enables use of the application in accordance with the End User License Agreement (license type, validity period, and restrictions). You can use the application only when you have a license key.

License term

A time period during which you have access to the application features and rights to use additional services. The services you can use depend on the type of the license.


The procedure of replacing or adding new files (databases or application modules) retrieved from the Kaspersky update servers.

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