Kaspersky Security Cloud for Windows

How to check if your data may become publicly accessible

30 November 2021

ID 156404

To check if your data may become public accessible:

  1. Open the main application window.
  2. Click the Privacy Protection button.

    The Privacy Protection window opens.

  3. Select the Account Check section.

    The Account Check window opens.

  4. Specify your email address in the input field and click the Check button.

    Kaspersky Security Cloud starts checking the specified address. If the check reveals that your data may be publicly accessible, the application will notify you about it and display a list of sites from which a data leak could have occurred, the date of possible leakage, and the category of data that may be publicly accessible. Clicking a data category link will provide recommendations on how to minimize the consequences of a possible leak of this data.

    Kaspersky Security Cloud lets you check for possible leaks of not only your own data, but from other user accounts that belong to your friends and family, for example.

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