Kaspersky Security Cloud for Windows

Using the application from the command prompt

30 November 2021

ID 83989

You can use Kaspersky Security Cloud at the command prompt.

Command prompt syntax:

avp.com <command> [settings]

To view help on the command prompt syntax, enter the following command:

avp.com [ /? | HELP ]

This command allows you to obtain a full list of commands that are available for managing Kaspersky Security Cloud through the command prompt.

To obtain help on the syntax of a specific command, you can enter one of the following commands:

avp.com <command> /?

avp.com HELP <command>

At the command prompt, you can refer to the application either from the application installation folder or by specifying the full path to avp.com.

You can enable or disable application event logging (creating trace files) from the command prompt if you have previously set a password to protect access to Kaspersky Security Cloud management in the application settings window.

If you have not set a password in the application settings window, you cannot create a password and enable event logging from the command prompt.

Certain commands can be executed only under the administrator account.

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