Kaspersky Security Cloud for Windows

About Anti-Banner

30 November 2021

ID 127381

The Anti-Banner component is designed to provide protection against banners while you browse the web. Anti-Banner blocks banners shown on the websites that you visit and in the interface of some applications. Anti-Banner blocks banners from the list of known banners which is embedded in the Kaspersky Security Cloud databases. You can manage the blocking of banners via the Kaspersky Security Cloud interface or directly in the browser.

By default, banners are allowed on websites from the list of Kaspersky websites. This list is compiled by Kaspersky experts and includes Kaspersky websites and its partners' websites that host Kaspersky advertisements. You can view this list or disable the use of this list if you consider it necessary to block banners on the websites of Kaspersky and its partners.

The blocked banners counter displays the total number of blocked banners across the entire site depending on how many site pages are open in the browser. If one page is open in the browser, only blocks on this page of the site are counted. If several pages of the same site are open in the browser, the blocked banners on all pages of the site opened in the browser are counted.

Information about the operation of Anti-Banner is available in reports.

The following limitations apply to Anti-Banner:

  • Some sites detect that ads on their pages are blocked and do not show content until the user turns off the ad blocker. To view the content of such site, you need to add its address to exclusions.
  • If the web page on which the banner is located could not be determined, Kaspersky Security Cloud does not block this banner and does not display information about it.
  • If the web page on which the banner is located could be determined but could not be matched to any single web page opened in the web browser, Kaspersky Security Cloud blocks the banner or allows the banner to be displayed depending on the information that has been determined. The application displays information about the banner in reports but does not include this information in the Anti-Banner statistics displayed in the browser.
  • The Anti-Banner statistics displayed in the browser can include banners blocked the previous time the web pages loaded, including banners blocked previously and loaded again.
  • The Anti-Banner statistics displayed in the browser do not include banners that were blocked in dynamic content of a page after a website has been loaded.
  • Kaspersky Security Cloud cannot block certain banners in Internet Explorer because some JavaScript features are not supported by this browser.

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