Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac


14 February 2022

ID 59232

You can view a Kaspersky Internet Security report listing all detected objects. Additionally, a separate detailed report is created for each of the following application components: File Anti-Virus, Web Anti-Virus, Network Attack Blocker, Website Tracking, and the virus scan and update tasks.

Open the Reports window

Kaspersky Internet Security can save reports in text format. This functionality may be useful if application components or tasks result in an error that you cannot fix on your own and you need assistance from Kaspersky Technical Support. In this case, send a text report to Kaspersky Technical Support so our specialists can study the problem and fix it as quickly as possible.

Export a report on a Kaspersky Internet Security component or task to a text file

By default, Kaspersky Internet Security doesn't log informational events in reports. You can allow logging of informational events.

Note: This setting applies only to File Anti-Virus. Logging of non-critical events considerably increases the total size of the report file.

Allow logging of informational events in reports

Report files can contain personal data obtained during operation of protection components, such as File Anti-Virus, Web Anti-Virus, Website tracking, as follows:

  • Online browsing history
  • Blocked links
  • Versions of the browser and operating system
  • Names of files and paths to them

Report files are stored locally on your computer. Reports files are deleted 30 days after they are logged. A report's file size cannot exceed 1 MB. The path to report files is ~/Library/Application Support/Kaspersky Lab/KAV/Data/Report.

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