Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac

Warnings and restrictions

14 February 2022

ID 140466

  • If an application that collects information and sends it to be processed is installed on your computer, Kaspersky Internet Security may classify this application as malware. To avoid this, you can exclude the application from scanning by configuring Kaspersky Internet Security as described in this document.
  • Application functional settings can be modified by editing configuration files.
  • If Kaspersky Internet Security is active on your Mac, there might be problems while using the QuickVPN application. If you want to use QuickVPN, please quit Kaspersky Internet Security. We are doing our best to fix this problem as soon as possible.
  • If the primary password is set in the Mozilla Firefox browser, Kaspersky Internet Security will not be able to install the certificate during basic setup on macOS 11 or later.
  • iCloud Private Relay and Mail Privacy Protection are incompatible with Kaspersky Internet Security on macOS 12.
  • Due to macOS 13 specifics, when the Kaspersky application is installed on your Mac, starting up the system and logging in may sometimes take slightly longer than usual.

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