Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac

Web Control

14 February 2022

ID 182825

Web Control helps you monitor and manage access to websites that users visit. You can set up Web Control preferences for all user accounts on the computer.

Important: Web Control is only available if you have activated the application with a Kaspersky Small Office Security activation code. If you change the activation code, Web Control will be replaced by Kaspersky Safe Kids (all regions except China and Japan) or Parental Control (China and Japan). Parental Control has the same functionality as Web Control.

You can block access to specific websites or selected categories of websites.

Note: Kaspersky Internet Security can only block access to websites that use HTTPS for connections. Kaspersky Internet Security scans encrypted connections (HTTPS) only if the Check secure connections (HTTPS) for <component names> checkbox in the General section on the Protection tab is selected.

Block access to specific websites

Block access to selected website categories

Important: If you have installed the application version intended for use in the European Union, the United States, the United Kingdom, or Brazil, you will have to accept the Statement regarding data processing for Web Control before you can enable Web Control. The statement is displayed when you attempt to enable Web Control for the first user account on your Mac.

If necessary, you can add websites to the list of exclusions. Web Control doesn't block websites added to the list of exclusions even if they belong to restricted categories.

Edit the list of exclusions

You can copy the Web Control preferences of a computer user account and paste them to another computer user account.

Copy and paste Web Control preferences

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