Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac


14 February 2022

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What to do if Kaspersky Internet Security functions incorrectly

If Kaspersky Internet Security functions incorrectly, you can do the following:

  1. Restart Kaspersky Internet Security.
  2. If the issue still persists, restart your Mac.
  3. If this does not help, reinstall Kaspersky Internet Security.

Restart Kaspersky Internet Security

Reinstall Kaspersky Internet Security

If you get the "Some of the protection components failed to start" message

This message may result from unsuccessful installation of the Kaspersky certificate. Follow the instructions on the Technical Support website (Knowledge Base) to resolve the issue.

How to get a system report

Get a system report

How to save the system.log file

Save the system.log file

How to enable System Integrity Protection

System Integrity Protection is a feature that protects the integrity of the operating system of your Mac. It prevents malware from editing system files and preferences.

Enable System Integrity Protection

How to disable Kernel Extension Development Mode

Kernel Extension Development Mode disables digital signature verification for drivers. This can lead to issues with the functioning of your Mac, data loss, theft of confidential information and other problems.

Disable Kernel Extension Development Mode

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