Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac

Protect your sensitive information

14 February 2022

ID 59197

The Kaspersky Security browser extension helps you protect your sensitive information.

By default, an onscreen keyboard appears on the screen automatically when you select a password field in the browser window.

Turn off/on automatic display of the onscreen keyboard

You can manually open the onscreen keyboard in your browser.

Open the onscreen keyboard manually

You can use the onscreen keyboard as follows:

  • Click the keys of the onscreen keyboard with the mouse pointer.
  • Unlike with a physical keyboard, you can't click multiple keys on the onscreen keyboard simultaneously. To enter a combination of keys (for example, the Option key and SHIFT key), click the first key (for example, Option) and then click the second key.
  • To switch languages, click the key in the lower-left corner.

Important: The onscreen keyboard can't protect your personal data if the website you are sending data to has been hacked.

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