Kaspersky Managed Detection and Response

How to avoid loss of telemetry data from assets

11 April 2024

ID 267483

Assets send telemetry data to Kaspersky Managed Detection and Response to detect and analyze security incidents in your infrastructure. If you see that there are telemetry losses in the asset status, make sure the following instructions are completed:

  1. The recommended versions of Kaspersky applications are installed on your assets (see Recommended versions and their term of support column in the Compatible Kaspersky applications versions section of Hardware and software requirements).
  2. Your network channel throughput meets the specifications provided in the Network channel section of Hardware and software requirements.
  3. Your KSN proxy server provides sufficient throughput capacity.

    If there are issues with the KSN proxy server throughput capacity, disable the KSN proxy in the KSC policy, to force the assets to connect to KSN directly:

    1. In the Kaspersky Security Center main menu, go to DevicesPolicies & profiles.
    2. Click the policy for Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows, Linux, or Mac. The properties window of the selected policy opens.
    3. In the policy properties, click Application settingsAdvanced Threat ProtectionKaspersky Security Network.
    4. Enable the Use KSN servers when KSN Proxy is not available option (if applicable for the policy).
    5. Click OK.
  4. KSN Proxy is enabled on the distribution point side in Kaspersky Security Center Cloud Console or Web Console to optimize the network load.
  5. Your Kaspersky Security Center Administration Server workload does not exceed the limitations.
  6. The recommended version of Kaspersky Security Center specified in Hardware and software requirements is used, latest available hotfixes and patches are installed.

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