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Viewing and searching assets in MDR Web Console

11 April 2024

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You can view and search through available assets by using the asset list.

To view assets:

  1. In the MDR Web Console window, navigate to the Assets menu item.

    The asset list opens. Each line represents one asset. You can click anywhere on the line to view asset information.

    The following asset attributes are available to show above the list:

  2. If you want to change the number of assets shown per page of the list, select the number by clicking the entries per page option at the bottom of the page.

    You can select 10, 20, or 50 assets per page.

You can hide assets with the Absent status in the asset list by selecting the check box in the Settings.

If you want to navigate the list of assets, select the page from below the list. You can use the Previous and Next options to switch between adjacent pages.

By default, the asset list contains assets that were seen in Console in the last 30 days.

To change this period:

  1. Click the funnel icon above the list.
  2. On the Filter panel on the right, select the period in the Last seen field.
  3. Click Save.

You can search through the assets by clicking the magnifying glass icon located next to the funnel icon above the asset list.

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