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Creating an API connection in Kaspersky Security Center

11 April 2024

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When you create a new API connection, a refresh token is generated. A refresh token is a unique sequence of letters, digits, and symbols. Once created, a refresh token allows you to create an access token.

To create an API connection:

  1. In the MDR section of Kaspersky Security Center, click the API tab.

    The API connections list appears.

  2. In the upper part of the window, click the plus sign icon (yes_icon).

    The Add a new API connection block appears.

  3. Specify the following settings:
    • Connection name

      A connection name can contain Latin letters, digits, and special characters. A connection name is specified as author_name in REST API responses and displayed as the comment author on the Communication tab of an incident.

    • Access rights

      Select which access rights to grant for performing actions via the HTTP API:

      • Full access + API and tenants
      • Incident access, response management, and auto-accept settings
      • Incident access
    • Tenant

      If necessary, select the value (or values) in the Tenant drop-down list.

      The user can view only the assets and incidents related to the specified tenants.

  4. Click the Generate button.

    The JWT token field appears.

  5. Click the Close button.

    The new API connection appears in the API connections list. Now, you can use the refresh token to create an access token.

You can also create API connections in MDR Web Console.

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