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Setting up notifications in MDR Web Console

20 May 2024

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To configure the delivery of notifications in the MDR Web Console:

  1. In the Settings section of MDR Web Console, click the Notification settings tab.
  2. Select the check boxes corresponding to the events that you want to receive email notifications for.

    Available check boxes are:

    • All—All events that Kaspersky Managed Detection and Response sends notifications about.
    • Incidents—Notifications about creating, updating, resolving, and closing incidents.
    • Comments—Notifications on creating, updating, and deleting comments within incidents.
    • Responses—Notifications on creating, accepting, and rejecting responses.
    • Information on license expiration—Notifications about the following events: less than 30 days left before the license expires, the license has expired. Kaspersky Managed Detection and Response sends these notifications every day but not after the license has expired or the license is renewed.
  3. Click the Subscribe button located above the check boxes, to subscribe to notifications from the Telegram chatbot. When you click the Subscribe button, the application generates and displays a unique link to activate the chatbot in Telegram. You can use this link for one Telegram account.

    Use this link only on a device (desktop or mobile) where the Telegram app is installed. The link cannot activate the chatbot in the web version of Telegram.

    If you want to receive notifications to another Telegram account, click the Unsubscribe button, and then repeat the subscription procedure to generate a new link and use it to activate the chatbot for another account.

  4. Click the Save button in the lower part of the window to save settings. The Save button becomes active only if you changed the settings.

The delivery of notifications is configured.

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