Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11 for Linux

Appendix 3. Command line return codes

12 December 2023

ID 245132

Kaspersky Endpoint Security has the following command line return codes:

0 – command/task completed successfully.

1 – general error in command arguments.

2 – error in passed application settings.

64 – Kaspersky Endpoint Security is not running.

66 – application databases are not downloaded (used only by the kesl-control --app-info command).

67 – activation 2.0 ended with an error due to network problems.

68 – the command cannot be executed because the application is running under a policy.

69 – the application is located in the Amazon Paid Ami infrastructure.

70 – an attempt to start a running task, delete a running task, change the settings of a running task, stop a stopped task, pause a suspended task, or resume a running task.

71 – Kaspersky Security Network Statement has not been accepted.

72 – threats were detected during execution of the Custom Scan or Custom Container Scan task.

73 – an attempt to specify the Application Control task settings that affect the application operation without confirming these settings using the --accept flag.

74 – Kaspersky Endpoint Security must be restarted after an update.

75 – the device must be restarted.

76 — connection prohibited, as only users with root rights should have write access to the specified path.

77 — the specified license key is already in use on the device.

128 – unknown error.

65 – all other errors.

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