Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11 for Linux

Configuring KESL container settings

12 December 2023

ID 219387

Kaspersky Endpoint Security distribution kit contains files for creating a container application (KESL container) for embedding into external systems in order to scan container images from image repositories.

Interaction with the KESL container is implemented using the REST API. You can configure KESL container settings using the Web Console.

For correct operation of KESL containers in the Web Console, it is recommended to move the devices that correspond to the KESL containers to a separate administration group with its own policy. When the KESL container is stopped, these devices are automatically removed from the administration group, and the key that was used on these devices is released.

After deploying, activating and configuring the KESL container, it provides following functionalities in the Web Console:

Other application functions and settings can be configured, but their configuration does not affect KESL container operation.

If KESL container was activated during deployment and is connected to Kaspersky Security Center, where automatic key distribution to managed devices is configured, this key will not be applied to the KESL container.

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