Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11 for Linux

Automatic mode of initial application setup

12 December 2023

ID 197909

You can perform initial application setup in the automatic mode.

To launch the automatic initial setup of the application, carry out the following command:

# /opt/kaspersky/kesl/bin/kesl-setup.pl --autoinstall=<initial configuration file>

where <initial configuration file> is a path to the configuration file, that contains initial setup settings. You can create this file or copy the necessary structure from the autoinstall.ini configuration file used for remote installation of the application using Administration Console.

When the initial setup script is finished and releases the console, the initial setup of the application is complete.

To check the return code, execute the following command:

echo $?

If the command returns code 0, the initial application setup is finished successfully.

To correctly update application modules after the script has finished, you may need to restart the application. Check the status of updates for the application using the kesl-control --app-info command.

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