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Troubleshooting hangs and crashes of the Kaspersky Security Center Administration Console and Administration Server

Latest update: 4 March 2024 ID: 16021
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The following issues may occur in Kaspersky Security Center:

  • The Web Console loads slowly after signing in.
  • The Console takes a long time to connect to the Administration Server.
  • Data loads slowly when switching between nodes in the Console interface.
  • The Console window hangs when you try to open an object, generate a selection or report.
    The Not responding message appears in the window title.

The MMC Console window with the Not responding message in the title.

  • The Administration Console crashes and a message about creating a dump file appears. For example, C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Temp\1\~dumps\KSCMMC.
  • The connection to the Administration Server is interrupted.
    The error message appears: “Connection to Administration Server localhost has been interrupted. Administration Server has stopped responding. Administration Server may have been stopped, or an error may have occurred on the network, Administration Server, or DBMS. For details, please see Kaspersky Event Log on the Administration Server device.”

The “Connection to Administration Server has been interrupted” error in the MMC Console.


To find a solution to the problem, it is essential to identify its cause.

1. Hardware issues

  • Check that there are no issues with the hardware of the Administration Server, the database server and the administrator's workstation if they are using the Remote Administration Console.
  • Check that there are no other issues with the hardware, including its configuration, the integrity of the hard disk or RAM cells.
  • Check that the hardware configuration for the DBMS and the Administration Server meets the requirements.
  • Check that there is enough free disk space on each server.
  • If you use virtualization, check that there is no drop in the performance of the hypervisor running the servers in question.

2. Network issues

Check the communication channel between the Administration Server and the database, and between the Administration Console and the Administration Server.

3. Database issues

4. Other issues

  • The Сonsole can disconnect from the server if the Administration Server data backup task or database maintenance task is running. For details, see this article.
  • If the issue only occurs with a specific task or policy, try removing it and creating a new one.
  • Check that installed management plug-ins are up-to-date, and remove plug-ins for unsupported and unused versions.
  • If the issue occurs in the Remote Administration Console, check whether the issue reoccurs in the Administration Console installed on the device hosting the Administration Server.
    If the issue does not reoccur, reinstall the Administration Console on the administrator’s device and reinstall the management plug-ins.

What to do if the issue persists

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