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11 October 2023

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If you are connected to My Kaspersky, when you add data to your vault on one device, the application automatically sends this data to cloud storage, and then from cloud storage to your other devices that have Kaspersky Password Manager installed and that are connected to My Kaspersky using the same My Kaspersky account. Keeping your data up-to-date and consistent on all your devices also helps restore your data if you replace or lose a device. Automatic sync is enabled by default.

Turn off automatic sync

Turn on automatic sync

If automatic sync is enabled but the data on your devices is out of sync, you can sync data manually.

Sync data manually

Sync across devices after update to Kaspersky Password Manager 10

When you update Kaspersky Password Manager to the version 10 or higher, your vault database becomes flexible. It lets you sync your data across devices, even when using different versions of the application on your devices.

Entry types and properties can change from version to version. For example, documents can be categorized on desktop computers running macOS and Windows but not on mobile devices.

Your data may not be fully available in the following cases:

  • You add an entry of a new type or fill out new field not supported in the previous version.

    These entries are available only on devices with the latest version of the application. On devices running the previous version, the application displays the number of entries that cannot be synced or warns that some data in an entry cannot be displayed properly.

  • Some entry types are no longer supported in the latest version.

    These entries are archived and synced only between devices running the previous version. When you update the application, these entries may be converted or deleted. You will have a chance to save any entries before they are deleted. Archived entries are not counted against the limitations of the free version.

  • Some fields are no longer supported in the latest version.

    This data is synced between devices running either the latest or previous versions. You can edit these fields only in the previous version.

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