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11 October 2023

ID 138725

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Your accounts are at greater risk if they have the same or weak passwords (for example, qwerty, 12345) or passwords based on information that can be easily guessed or obtained (for example, names of relatives or dates of birth).

With Kaspersky Password Manager, you can quickly find out how strong your passwords are and whether the same passwords are used for multiple accounts.

When you type a password in an online form for creating or changing a password, the Kaspersky Password Manager extension displays recommendations on how to create a strong password, including information about the strength of the password you are typing in.

Check for compromised passwords

For additional security, Kaspersky Password Manager can check whether your passwords have been hacked or leaked.

The application uses Secure Hash Algorithm 256 (SHA-256) to check for compromised passwords. The application generates SHA-256 message digests from each password in your vault and compares them with SHA-256 messages from a database of compromised passwords. If the SHA-256 messages match, the application warns you that your password is compromised and you better change it.

By default, the check for compromised passwords is enabled.

Kaspersky Password Manager check for compromised passwords only active entries.

Check passwords in the vault

Change a weak password for a website account

Turn off the check for compromised passwords

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