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11 October 2023

ID 153687

Describe your experience with Kaspersky Password Manager and share any suggestions on how Kaspersky can make the application·better. If you experience any problems, your feedback will help Kaspersky fix them.

You can send feedback up to 10 times per day.

If the application fails to send your feedback (for example, if there is no Internet connection), the feedback is saved to your computer until it is sent. The application stores up to 10 pieces of unsent feedback.

When you provide feedback to Kaspersky, you also provide the following information:

  • Name and version of your operating system
  • Version of Kaspersky Password Manager
  • Name and version of your browser
  • HTTP referer of the website from which you have submitted the feedback form
  • Application ID
  • Application type ID
  • Unique ID of the software user on the computer

Send feedback to Kaspersky

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Thank you for your feedback! You're helping us improve.