How to configure Safe Money for a specific website

26 December 2023

ID 82231

To configure Safe Money for a specific website:

  1. Open the main application window.
  2. Go to the Privacy section.
  3. Select the Safe Money section, and click the View websites button.

    This opens the Safe Money window.

  4. Click the Add website to Safe Money link to open fields for adding the website information.
  5. In the Website for Safe Money (URL) field, enter the web address of the website that you want to open in Protected Browser.

    A website address must be preceded by the prefix for the HTTPS protocol (for example,, which is used by default by Protected Browser.

  6. Select the action that you want Protected Browser to perform when you open the website:
    • If you want the website to open in Protected Browser every time you visit it, select Run Protected Browser.
    • If you want Kaspersky application to prompt you for an action when the website is opened, select Ask user.
    • If you want to disable Safe Money for the website, select Do not run Protected Browser.
  7. Click the Add description link to open the Description field and enter the name or description of this website.
  8. Click the Add button.

The website will be displayed in the list.

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