Incoming and outgoing Internet traffic has sharply increased after Kaspersky product has been installed. How can I rectify the problem?

Latest update: 27 September 2021 ID: 2060

After installation of Kaspersky products you can experience sharp increase of incoming and outgoing traffic on a computer. As Kaspersky products work in the proxy-server mode, it scans all internet traffic before the downloaded information gets on your hard drive.

Kaspersky products request incoming and outgoing statistics, thereby increasing incoming and outgoing traffic. Some third-party programs that count incoming and outgoing traffic add requests of Kaspersky products thus increasing traffic general statistics. This statistics differs from the traffic statistics conducted by your ISP (Internet Service Provider), so you do not pay for internal traffic on your computer, i.e. in reality your traffic is not spent. Error of traffic counting is conditioned by the way Kaspersky products embed themselves in the operating system. To prove this fact, send a statistics request to your ISP. 

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