Activation errors
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"Cannot set up SSL connection” error05 August 2021
"Internal activation server error"18 June 2021
"You have exceeded the maximum number of activations allowed for the entered activation code" error19 January 2021
Error "License has expired" or "Activation period has expired"11 March 2021
Cannot add key if it has expired24 October 2019
Error "Key file creation or registration date is invalid. Check system date settings"14 January 2021
"Activation code is invalid for this region" error19 January 2021
"Incorrect certification center" error24 October 2019
Subscription status update error19 April 2022
Trial version has expired01 February 2018
“Unknown error” during activation02 August 2021
"This activation code is no longer supported" error19 January 2021
Error "Local security certificate issue"15 January 2021
"Invalid key" error20 January 2021
“Key is blocked” error12 May 2022
“Cannot activate the application under a license for beta testing” error21 August 2020
Error "Activation code corresponds to another application"15 January 2021
"The license does not apply to this application" error24 October 2019
Error "The key file is not compatible"07 July 2021
Error "Invalid activation code"11 March 2021
This license is not connected to My Kaspersky portal 01 February 2018
To activate the application, get connected to My Kaspersky portal01 February 2018
The license limit on devices is exceeded11 March 2021
You have exceeded the maximum number of activations allowed for the entered activation code11 March 2021
Error “Your activation code is already saved in the application” or “Activation code is saved”22 February 2022
"Activation code is not suitable for this application" error30 December 2021
Network connection error. DNS issue26 October 2021
My Kaspersky account verification is required for activation of the application10 September 2020
Network connection error during activation23 August 2021
Error "This license expires earlier than the current license"11 March 2021
"Using the trial version of the application on this computer is not available" error11 March 2021
Error “Key file corresponds to another application”09 February 2021
What to do if characters cannot be typed into the activation code field in a Kaspersky application13 May 2022
License problem in the My Kaspersky account11 March 2021
Unknown server error when creating a My Kaspersky account10 March 2021
“Service provider server is not available” error10 March 2021
Error establishing an HTTPS connection with the Kaspersky Lab server29 June 2021
Why do I see a subscription or license renewal notification if none of my subscriptions or licenses is about to expire?09 March 2022
Incorrect password error upon activation of a Kaspersky application22 October 2021
License issue in Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 MR0 and Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2013 MR018 June 2021
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