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Error 27300 when installing a Kaspersky Lab application
id: 14829
"Application was not installed" error
id: 13251
The application was not installed.Your computer may be infected by viruses.
id: 13252
Error 1714 when installing a Kaspersky Lab application
id: 13250
Installation freezes at the step “Installing Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0... About 5 seconds left”
id: 13314
Error when loading the installer
id: 14698
“The application has been updated but old version files have not been removed” error
id: 12687
Windows Update error when installing the .Net Framework
id: 13839
Windows Installer Service is busy
id: 13840
"Cannot connect to My Kaspersky portal" error when installing a Kaspersky Lab product
id: 11103
Error 1306 when installing a Kaspersky application
id: 15351
Error establishing an HTTPS connection with the Kaspersky Lab server
id: 14953
Error occurred during application installation
id: 13253
You do not have enough rights to perform this operation
id: 11002
Disk space required for the installation exceeds available disk space
id: 11003
The operating system does not comply with requirements
id: 11001
Error 2771 when installing a Kaspersky application
id: 10924
Error “Cannot connect to the application installation source”
id: 11007
Error "Installation files are not signed"
id: 11004
Active infection: Failed to install a Kaspersky product. Your computer might be infected
id: 11102



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