“Key is blocked” error

Latest update: September 23, 2020 ID: 15561

Dear customer,

If you have recently purchased a license and received the "Key is blocked" error upon activating it in the product — please read the following information carefully.

Such an error may occur if you have purchased the license from a business proprietor not authorized to distribute Kaspersky products in India.

Any licenses purchased from an unauthorized distributor may result in an unsuccessful activation attempt and\or product malfunction. Products with such licenses are not covered by any of Kaspersky’s support services. 

If you're in possession of an non-activatable license code, kindly return the product to whomever you purchased it from for refund or exchange for an activatable supported license.

Please use caution when making purchases in the future. Should you have any doubts whether a business proprietor is an authorized distributor, please feel free to direct your enquiries to our sole distributor in India - Supertron Electronics Private Limited. The contact link is provided on our website https://www.kaspersky.co.in/partners/distribution.

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